Viral Dog Story, the owner left in Car 8 Hours

The story of the unfortunate dog that the owner left for 8 hours more in the car became viral in social media. Many netizens sympathize and condemn this.

The story is told Tommy Prabowo through social media accounts, Twitter and Facebook, as seen

The incident took place at Grand Indonesia Mall, Jalan MH Thamrin, Central Jakarta. Tommy parked in the 8th floor parking. As he got out of the car, Tommy was surprised to hear the sound of dog barking from other cars.

After Tommy saw it, there was a white dog left in the car owner. It was 16:26 hrs. Though sorry, Tommy thinks the dog owner just left for a while and will return. He went away from the scene.

Tommy returned to the car park to his car at 22:09 pm. But how shocked he was to see the dog still in the car. She was nervous about the dog being confined for a long time without eating or drinking.

Tommy canceled his intention to go home. He then called the mall security and reported about the dog being confined in this black Honda Brio. However, after trying to find, the owner of the dog did not come.

The mall security has told Tommy to go home, but he insists he will not leave the premises until the owner arrives.

Saturday (2/12) at around 00:12 pm, Tommy had intended to break the windshield to rescue the dog. Netizen also supports the action. Tommy did post the run of this event through his Twitter account, @ tommyprabowo, along with photos and videos.

But Tommy’s intention to break the windshield was prevented by the mall security. He finally waited until the owner was present. He also attempted to provide drinking water to the unfortunate dog through the crack of the car glass.

Tommy was determined, if until 2 AM the owner of the car is not present, he will break the windshield and rescue the dog no matter what the risks. But it turns out, at 00.43, the owner of the car finally came when all the parking is empty.

Tommy immediately asked why the dog had been left in the car since the afternoon. The owner, who is a woman, thinks, is defensive. He questioned what Tommy’s business was doing about his dog named Valent. The owner, who just finished watching in the cinema, claimed to have been used to leave his dog in the car.

Long story short, Tommy and owner of the Maltese dog is arguing. “Do not interfere with people’s business!” a woman’s voice in a video that Tommy uploaded.

This case was busy discussed in social media. Tommy also continues the story with the hashtag or #SaveValent tags. He got a lot of support from the citizens for the action.

Tommy enlisted the help of netizens to find out the identity of the dog owner. He said he did not want the dog to be in the wrong hands and suffered the same incident. He wants Valent well maintained.

In addition, Tommy requested that this case be a lesson for all parties. Animals also have the right to receive appropriate treatment.

“Valent is the spirit, the education for any animal ownership, and the new policy for any mall or location, you can not leave your pet in the car if you have no heart, do not have the time and cost to keep it! Just do not! # SaveValent, “he wrote. is still trying to contact Tommy to find out more about the case, but no response has been made yet.

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