Leaving a Dog in the Car Includes Animal Torture

Since Friday night (1/12/2017) West Indonesia time, social networking busy talking about a dog that allegedly left in the car by the owner.

A number of media in Indonesia to make a report from the story of a man named Tommy Prabowo who uploaded on his Twitter account and Instagram personal.

Tommy shared his story when he saw a Maltese dog, later known as Valent, who he said was locked from five-thirty in the afternoon until almost one o’clock Saturday morning (02/12/2017).

Apparently, the dog is locked in the car in the parking lot of one of the shopping center in Jakarta was left by the owner who was watching the cinema.

To Tommy, the owner of the dog confessed, “my dog ​​is used to living in a car.”

If an incident leaving a dog in a car takes place in Australia, the owner can be fined up to AU $ 20,000, or more than Rp 200 million and endangered two years in prison. These rules vary by state.

There is no definite rule about leaving dogs in the car, but in Australia this can be included in the torture chapter on animals, if the dog then dies.

Leaving a dog in the car is usually a concern of Australians especially in the summer. Included also in the parking lot under the building, where there is not enough air circulation.

Beginning in 2017, when the summer peaked, the RSPCA or the animal cruelty prevention foundation, in Western Australia branches claimed in a day they could receive a phone call at least four times from residents who reported seeing dogs locked in cars.

“Most phones come from places where pets can not be brought in, such as shopping centers or hospitals, people also know they can not bring their pets inside,” said Amanda Swift, from RSPCA in Perth.

“Sometimes I’m really surprised by the stupidity of these people.”

“The people then panicked at seeing a dog in the car, then called us, the police, and the authorities to save the animals.”

It only takes six minutes
For a long time, the RSPCA in a number of Australian state branches have launched the ‘Just Six Minutes’ national campaign.

The campaign is aimed at pet owners, especially dogs and cats, not to leave their beloved animals in the car, especially in hot temperatures.

“It only takes six minutes for the dog to overheat when locked in the car, or put on a tub that is directly exposed to the sun,” wrote the campaign.

“Every year, many dogs die from the heat in the car, it takes only six minutes to make their lives at risk, even if left in the car with the glass open, in the shade, or there is water in the car though,” explained RSPCA Australian branch South.

The South Australia branch of the RSPCA, along with police in Adelaide, has received reports from residents who saw two Maltese dogs locked in a car in the hospital yard in June.

“We confirm to the residents to be allowed to break the window glass of his car and rescue the two dogs,” said Andrea Lewis of RSPCA South Australia at that time.

One dog died of a hot temperature, while another dog was rescued after the police bandaged it with a cold towel.

As a result, the owner was sentenced to two months and three weeks imprisonment for being convicted of animal abuse. He is also no longer allowed to have a pet dog and a fine of AU $ 3,500, or more than Rp 35 million.

Can you break the car glass to save the dog?
In the state of Queensland, breaking a car window in order to save pets in it is not recommended.

“I certainly would not advise anyone to do it,” said Daniel Young, of Queensland RSPCA when contacted by sr2blog late last November.

He advised people to see pets left behind in the car to contact authorities.

Authority of vehicles and traffic in Queensland, RACQ claimed to have saved more than 670 animals from cars by 2016.

This figure dropped dramatically from 710 animals that were rescued from the car in 2015.

RACQ spokesmen say they have the ability to get to cars in a matter of minutes. Therefore, they do not advise citizens to break the windshield of others.

“It’s the same with babies and children left behind and locked in the car.We do not suggest people break the windshield, because they can hurt themselves while doing it.”

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