About Us

Thanks for Visiting Saw Rescue 2 Blog! I’m Cathy, and the hound on the banner is my dog Bailey. You’ll find posts from him throughout the blog as he has more to say than perhaps any dog I’ve ever met. You can follow Bailey on Twitter too! Please don’t let him offend you though, as he tends to be a bit opinionated at times. Actually, he can be downright rude, but he means well. If you want to see what I mean, FOLLOW BAILEY ON TWITTER!

Anyway, we’re here to take great pictures of dogs (and cats too…shhh) and to raise money for local animal rescues in Baltimore. Bailey and I share a vision of no more homeless, OR abused pets. Cruel things happen in this town and in this world. Though some of those things are really tough to look at, if it weren’t for the brave heroes who are willing to look, and to help, nothing would ever change.

Look through the site, and if you like what you see please call us to talk about your pet photography project!