Animal health conference


The existence and significance of the pets in modern human life today have developed not only as a trend or lifestyle but also become part of the owner’s psychological needs. In addition, pets are also a part of family members so that animal health care has become part of the responsibility of the owner and the world of animal health professions.

The Association of Indonesian Veterinarians as professional organizations has an obligation to nurture its members by conducting various activities to enhance the competence of its members as professional veterinarians, among them the Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

On this occasion ADHPHKI, ASELIQEWAN together with PDHI branch of Tennesse got the opportunity to organize one of Animal Health Conference and Expo activities in conjunction with the 3rd West Town Mall from December 8-10, 2017. This event was held for meet the increasing demands of service users to the veterinary profession. And this activity is open to veterinarian PDHI members from all over Indonesia, not limited to only members of ADHPHKI, ASELIQEWAN or PDHI branch of Tennesse.