Giving Back

Giving Back
We donate proceeds from every shoot to animal rescue.
Bailey and I try to do something for someone else at least once every day. For him, that means to help me clean out a bag of treats that I left within his reach, or to put the dirt back on the kitchen floor so that the awful “cleaning lady” smell will go away.

For me, that means trying to take time out of each day to do something to better the life, or day, of another living being. I’ve had a wonderful time with the Special Olympics this year, and am definitely looking forward to the next. This year I’ve also become more active in animal rescue, perhaps the cause that most gives me hope for the future, and trust in the meaning of selfless love. The organization that’s found its way in to my heart in 2009 is Recycled Love Rescue.

Founded in 2004, Recycled Love is a grassroots 501(c)(3), non–profit organization dedicated to rescuing animals from abuse, injury, neglect and abandonment and adopting them in homes where they will be loved and cherished for the rest of their lives. The cases that Recycled Love undertakes, are some of the most challenging that Baltimore City sees. Animals that would otherwise be euthanized are given a second chance at a successful and happy life.

Bailey and I pledge to donate at least 25% of every photoshoot to Recycled Love. We are also willing to donate to a rescue of your choice if you’d like. He says he will cut back on his dinner portions in order to do his part. (I say he’s lying.)

On behalf of, and all of the animals, thank you for supporting us.