Batman Superman variant

Back in October, DC Comics released the covers for January's variant theme, which focused on the Flash. There will be twenty-two different Flash variants and we got to see them...except for one.

Now DC has given us the first look at the elusive variant cover for BATMAN/SUPERMAN #18 and it was worth the wait.

The cover is by Jim Lee and Scott Williams with color by Alex Sinclair. It looks a and I have to say, it cracked me up. I love this.

In case you forgot (or don't want to click back to our original post), here's the list of other FLASH variants for January along with the images (in alphabetical order).


Issue #



Action Comics


Dave Johnson



Steve Rude


Aaron Lopresti


Tony Daniel

Tomeu Morey

Batman & Robin

Dave Bullock



Jim Lee & Scott Williams

Alex Sinclair


Ty Templeton

Detective Comics

Josh Middleton


Howard Porter


Harley Quinn


Bruce Timm



Green Lantern

Doug Mahnke

David Baron

Green Lantern Corps

Bill Sienkiewicz


Karl Kerschl

Dave McCaig

Justice League

Tony Harris

Justice League Dark

Kelley Jones

Teen Titans

Michael Allred

Laura Allred


Ethan Van Sciver


Michael Oeming

Rico Renzi


Kevin Nowlan

Superman/Wonder Woman


Ivan Reis

Wonder Woman

Terry & Rachel Dodson

Terry Dodson

Which ones do you want to get?

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