Why Superman Beats Goku?

Why superman beats Goku

Ronda Rousey and Dana White had to answer some very "unique" questions from the Q&A in Hong Kong.

Today was not devoid of such spirited questions as well, so without further ado, here's the 5 weirdest questions asked during Wednesday's Q&A in Hong Kong:

5. "Can you beat 16 seconds?"

Ronda: Funny thing about that, after I beat McMann in 1:06. I made a bet with my coach for a couple thousand dollars, saying that no (woman) will be able to beat that. I ended up beating it myself, and I didn't know that I counted, so I actually owe my coach like 5 grand right now.

You know what, I'll make that bet again. No one will beat that 16 seconds, including myself. If I do, or someone else does, then I owe my coach another 5 grand.

4. "I want to see GSP vs. Jon Jones"

Dana: When there is a super fight to be made, I hope to make it... GSP vs. Jones? That's a stretch there, my friend. That's not a 'super fight', that's a 'stupid fight'. What did Georges St. Pierre do to you that you want him to get him killed? He weighs 170 lbs, the other guy walks around at like 230.

Local: He's French.

Dana: No match maker job for you, my friend... Wait, did you just say he's French?? (laughs)

3. "Charmander, Squirtle, or Bulbasaur?"

Ronda: Charmander, every single time. I always start with Charmander. That was my first Pokemon ever!

Fan: Me too.

Dana: (Raised hand) Me too!

2. "Will you marry me?"

Ronda: You know what, that (Bruce Lee) shirt is so awesome, so that helps your case... but you have to put in more work than just a cool shirt.

1. "Do I have to ask a serious question? Who wins in a fight, Superman or Goku?"

Ronda: Goku would definitely win, because Superman is already capped out. You know what I mean? His powers are where it's at and he's not going to get any more. Goku can destroy an entire planet, and I don't think Superman can do that, so definitely Goku.

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