Hulk VS Superman WWE

wrestlemania-30Hulk Hogan. Those two words mean just as much to professional wrestling as WrestleMania itself. Without Hulk Hogan there may never have been the first WrestleMania, pro wrestling may have never made the leap from the territories and into the global market, and millions upon millions of children in the eighties would have gone without their vitamins.

2014 will bring about the thirtieth annual WrestleMania and the stars have aligned so that the Hulkster, who has been in TNA for the past three years, is now a free agent just in time for what can be expected to be the biggest WrestleMania ever.

Here’s 10 things that the Hulkster could do at this year’s Grand-Daddy of them all…

Hogan was the biggest star of the eighties and early nineties, of the so called ‘Federation years’ main eventing the majority of the first nine WrestleManias (even when he wasn’t billed in the main event, he was still involved in each shows closing match). He left the WWF in 1993 for WCW and wouldn’t return to the WWF until WrestleMania X8 where he would take on The Rock in what was one of the greatest WrestleMania matches of all time. The match itself may not have been a technical classic, but the hype of the face of WWE’s past going against the face of WWE’s then present, along with the crowd’s reaction made it arguably the best example of what a WrerstleMania main event match should be.

Hogan CneaThe WWE used a year of hype to build Rock vs Cena and create a spectacle that matched the Rock’s match with Hogan several years earlier. It was a good effort, but the ingredient that was most vital to the recipe wasn’t The Rock, it was Hogan, and the WWE now has the opportunity to pit John Cena, the man who has been the face of the WWE for the better part of the last decade against Hogan, who whether WWE likes to admit it or not has been and will be the face of the WWE whenever he steps through their curtain. The nostalgia and love the audience would show Hogan combined with the general hate Cena receives could allow the match to easily match if not top the WrestleMania X8 classic.

Would the match be a great wrestling contest? No, but when you think about it neither Hogan or Cena have ever had a truly great match based on their wrestling ability. Both however get better audience reaction then anyone in the business, and this match is guaranteed money. All Hogan’s fans would lap up the match, and Cena is a money printing machine so it wouldn’t take a genius to see this as possibly drawing the biggest pay per view buy rate of all time.

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