Superman vence o Hulk

Confira o combate Hulk vs

"He has vibrated various times, and Gamma rays are not going to put him down; his punches at best will."

He can't vibrate at lightspeed. And yes, gamma rays can put him down. Remember when hulk blew up a planet? gamma rays. Remember when he threatened the eastern seaboard? Gamma rays. Remember when he threatened a continent? Gamma rays. The reason world breaker hulk causes so much destruction is due to his gamma rays.

"King Hyperion could essinetially use his tacital like ways to BFR the Hulk into space or something etc; whereas the Hulk will need to tag as his rays are not putting him down, but could give him energy."

He. Can't. Move. Fast. Hulks gamma burst will AT LEAST slow Hyperion down, that's how hulk is going to tag him. Furthermore king Hyperion doesn't even use his speed affectively, it's not like hulk is going to find it hard tagging him.

"He has absorbed Holocaust instantly, he will be able to be fuelled by Gamma rays, Rulk has done it so could King Hyperionsho absorbed a celestial wearing mutant; he has also beat various Hulk's featless or not, they proved nothing to him."

He absorbed ONE ENERGY BASED BEING. Nothing suggest he can absorb gamma rays, nothing. As for rulk, he failed. He absorbed savage hulks gamma energy. He tired it on world breaker hulk and was beaten senseless. Take a look at this picture, that's what happens when hulk went world breaker against rulk.

"He survived his planet being destroyed, he has also been seen recovering from cells extremely quick."

He survived his planet being destroyed? Well world breaker hulks gamma rays destroy planets and hyperion a going to be hit by them constantly.

And good, it means hulk now has a permanent chew toy in the form of Hyperion.

"Fighting smart would help, as he would realise how he would need to beat the Hulk."

You realise that if he fights hulk in close combat, Hyperion is going to die. This fight is in character, it's in character for king Hyperion to brawl, he won't have a chance to realise his mistake. As soon as hulk lands a hit Hyperion will be a blood smear on hulks fist.

"King Hyperikn will not be a punching bag for Hulk, as Punching bags do not move; but if you mean a punching bag that dwarfs your speed and can avoid your attacks, and can hit you back, then I think the punching bag wins."

Hyperion will struggle to move with the amount of pressure the gamma burst is going to put in him. The strength difference is massive, like it's not even funny how much stronger WBH is than Hyperion.

"You havn't debunked anything, his punches would be the only thing to beat him; so Hyper-vibration means a lot."

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