Superman Thor Captain America

Wonder Woman SuperMan Thor

Superman and batman take this one. Come on guys, superman solos here. Thor and superman is a known debate, but seriosly, if Superman wanted he would just remove Thors head from his neck. Even if thor is as strong as supes, he cant match someone as strong as himself and in addition has the speed of light. If those two energies combines there is ALOT of power released. More than probably Thor can withstand. Thors magic would not make a diffrence of a being capable of such things Supes can do.

Its always versions of eachothers that could beat eachother, but in terms of their strongest feats, without sundipping and warrior madness and such thing, i think Superman is a leauge over Thor. Just my opinion ;)

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Charm Gift 8 Set LOZ Diamond Blocks Iron Man,captain America,spiderman,batman,superman,thor,hulk,loki Parent-child Games Building Blocks Children's Educational Toys
Toy (LOZ)
  • 8 Pcs set,iron man:70pcs,captain America:190pcs,thor:150pcs,superman:150pcs,batman:140pcs,spiderman:130pcs,hulk:130pcs,loki:180pcs
  • Figures size after assembly : Hight 7-8 cm
  • Box size : 7.5 x 7.5 x 7.5 cm
  • Brick size : 5-8 mm
  • Material : ABS plastic non-toxic
china 8 Sets,Iron Man, Hulk, Batman, Wolverine, Thor, Superman, Captain America, Spider-Man.
Toy (china)
  • (8 pieces / package) Material:Environment friendly material.
  • Content:Iron Man, Hulk, Batman, Wolverine, Thor, Superman, Captain America, Spider-Man.
  • Material: High quality ABS plastic
  • Packaging: No original box. New in sealed packaging.
  • Size : 4.5cm (figure tall)

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