Thor VS Superman who is stronger

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The consensus seems to be that Thor's greatest feat of pure physical strength occurred when he used a mystical fishing pole to break the Midgard Serpent's grip on Earth and lift its full weight off of the planet and into space. The serpent itself has the exact same weight as Earth which, being measured at 6.6 sextillion tons, is almost incalculably high. There seem to be, however, two important factors that are being overlooked that will make this feat, once discovered, even more impressive and hopefully end the longest running debate of is Thor or Hulk physically stronger?

Now it may seem to irrational to compare the constricting strength of a mystical creature like the Midgard Serpent to that of an Anaconda, but bear with me here. An Anaconda weighing 550 pounds was measured as exerting over 90 pounds per square inch of force during an act of constriction, this equals a total force of over 8, 818 pounds, or roughly, 16 times its bodyweight.

Now when we factor in that the Midgard Serpent was in fact exerting an additional sixteen times its weight in resistance due to being coiled around the earth at the time Thor hoisted it off, that would mean that the God of Thunder exerted enough strength to break over 105.4 sextillion tons of force!

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