Superman Quiz Questions

  1. What is Superman’s real name? Answer: Clark Kent.
  2. Where was Superman born? Answer: Krypton.
  3. Who are Superman’s adoptive parents? Answer: Jonathan and Martha Kent.
  4. What color is Superman’s costume? Answer: Blue and red.
  5. What is the symbol on Superman’s chest? Answer: The S-Shield.
  6. What is Superman’s primary weakness? Answer: Kryptonite.
  7. What is the name of Superman’s biological father? Answer: Jor-El.
  8. Who is Superman’s love interest? Answer: Lois Lane.
  9. Which newspaper does Clark Kent work for? Answer: The Daily Planet.
  10. In which city is the Daily Planet located? Answer: Metropolis.
  11. What is Superman’s catchphrase? Answer: “Truth, justice, and the American way.”
  12. What is Superman’s superhuman strength attributed to? Answer: Earth’s yellow sun.
  13. Who is Superman’s arch-nemesis? Answer: Lex Luthor.
  14. What is Superman’s Fortress of Solitude made of? Answer: Kryptonian crystal.
  15. What is Superman’s superpower that allows him to fly? Answer: Flight.
  16. What is Superman’s alter ego’s profession? Answer: Journalist.
  17. Which Justice League member is known for his super speed? Answer: The Flash.
  18. What is Superman’s secret identity when he is not in costume? Answer: Clark Kent.
  19. Who is Superman’s cousin in the DC Comics universe? Answer: Supergirl.
  20. Who created the character of Superman? Answer: Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.
  21. What is the name of the villain who killed Superman in the “Death of Superman” storyline? Answer: Doomsday.
  22. What is the name of the planet Superman comes from? Answer: Krypton.
  23. What is Superman’s birth name on Krypton? Answer: Kal-El.
  24. What color is Superman’s cape? Answer: Red.
  25. What is the name of Superman’s robot assistant? Answer: Kelex.
  26. Which superhero team does Superman belong to? Answer: The Justice League.
  27. What is Superman’s superhuman hearing ability called? Answer: Super Hearing.
  28. What is the name of Superman’s dog? Answer: Krypto.
  29. What is Superman’s superhuman vision ability called? Answer: Heat Vision.
  30. What is the name of Superman’s enemy who uses a power suit? Answer: Metallo.
  31. What is the name of the city where Superman was raised? Answer: Smallville.
  32. Which color of Kryptonite has the ability to remove Superman’s powers temporarily? Answer: Red Kryptonite.
  33. What is Superman’s birthday? Answer: February 29th.
  34. Who gave Superman the name “Superman”? Answer: Lois Lane.
  35. What is the name of Superman’s birth mother? Answer: Lara Lor-Van.
  36. What is Superman’s superhuman breath ability called? Answer: Freeze Breath.
  37. What is the name of the dimension where Superman was trapped in the “Phantom Zone”? Answer: The Phantom Zone.
  38. Which Justice League member is an Amazon warrior princess? Answer: Wonder Woman.
  39. What is the name of Superman’s alternate reality evil version? Answer: Bizarro.
  40. What is the name of Superman’s Kryptonian robot assistant? Answer: Brainiac.
  41. What is the name of the fictional newspaper where Clark Kent works? Answer: The Daily Planet.
  42. What is the name of Superman’s cousin who shares his powers? Answer: Supergirl.
  43. Who is Superman’s biological mother? Answer: Lara Lor-Van.
  44. What is Superman’s weakness to magic called? Answer: Vulnerability to Magic.
  45. What is the name of Superman’s Kryptonian enemy who can absorb and project energy? Answer: General Zod.
  46. Which color of Kryptonite has the ability to kill Superman? Answer: Green Kryptonite.
  47. What is the name of the city Superman protects as a superhero? Answer: Metropolis.
  48. What is Superman’s superhuman ability to heal quickly called? Answer: Super Healing.
  49. Who is the CEO of LexCorp and Superman’s arch-enemy? Answer: Lex Luthor.
  50. What is the name of the superhero team that Superman leads in the future? Answer: The Legion of Super-Heroes.

Feel free to use these quiz questions to test your knowledge or engage your audience in an exciting Superman-themed quiz!

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